I started running in February 2012 as I wanted to be able to go for runs with my dad who has always been an avid runner. Whenever we went running together in the past I had a hard time keeping up and I never truly enjoyed the running experience. Ever since then I’ve been running a few times per week {whenever time allows} and have also signed up to some races. In addition to half-marathons which I try to run on a regular basis, I have also started participating in triathlons.. Here’s some race recapes of the races I’ve done so far!



OMV Quarter Marathon – Linz, Austria {April 22nd 2012}

Distance: 10.5km

Time: 1:03:00

Pace: 10km/ h  –  6 min/km

race recap here

training recaps here


Women’s Run 2012 – Munich, Germany {September 15th 2012}

Distance: 8km

Time: 43:55

race recap here


Munich Half Marathon {October 14th 2012}

Unfortunately I was not able to run this race. But my sister and brother filled in for me and did an awesome job!



Borealis Half Marathon – Linz, Austria {April 21st, 2013}

Distance: 21km

Time: 2:11:39

recap here


Sportscheck Stadtlauf – Munich, Germany {June 23rd, 2013}

Distance: 21km

Time: 2:08:15

recap here


Triathlon Attersee Salzkammergut – Attersee, Austria {September, 15th 2013}

Distance: 0.5km swim – 50km bike – 5km run

Time: 2:34.33

recap here


Munich Half-Marathon – Munich, Germany {October, 13th, 2013}

Distance: 21.1km

Time: 2:06:30

recap here



Linz Half Marathon, Linz, Austria {April 6th, 2014}

Distance: 21.1 km

Time: 2:05:22 {PR}

recap here



Bath Half Marathon, Bath, UK {March 1st, 2015}

Distance: 21.1km

Time: 2:13:03

recap here


  • Reply Ina B. May 16, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    I really like your blog and your recipes!
    I also started running (in 2011) and I was laughing when I read that you wanted to run your first half marathon on october 14th, because on this date was my first half marathon as well! (Bottwartal Marathon) Very funny!Next one will be June 23rd.
    Will absolutely visit your blog again 😉

    • Reply Antonia May 19, 2013 at 9:40 am

      Hi Ina! Thanks for visiting! That’s so funny 😉 My next half marathon will be June 23rd as well 🙂

      • Reply Ina B. May 23, 2013 at 4:25 pm

        Haha, can’t believe it 😀 I Hope we’re going to be successful!!

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