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Why is your blog called Health Inspirations if the recipes you share aren’t that healthy?

Yes, it true. The recipes I share aren’t healthy but still healthier than anything you buy pre-packed at supermarkets. I try to make as much as possible from scratch {such a making my own vegetable stock} and if I don’t, I try to by the preservative-free alternative.

But that’s not why I the blog called “Health Inspirations”. When I created my blog in 2011 I had just overcome my eating disorder and I felt strong enough to share this accomplishment with the world. I wanted to let other girls and women who might be in a similar situation know that it is possible to fully recover from any eating disorder and to fully regain happiness and positivity. I initially set out to create a sort of “lifestyle” blog where I write about my days, workouts, favorite foods, restaurants, etc. but during the course of the last year and a half my love for cooking grew into so much more that’s why I focus a lot on recipes now. I will still include personal posts here and there but I feel that I have found my passion in creating recipes, cooking and photography for the time-being and that’s what I really want to focus on.

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Could you maybe do a post on photography?

I would love to but right now I don’t feel qualified enough to give you tips. Although photography, especially food photography has become a real passion of mine, I am still learning and everything I know was learned by trial and error. If you want to improve your photography I suggest doing a lot of research and looking at photographers’ portfolios. You can learn so much just from studying other peoples’ techniques. I also suggest you invest in a good DSLR camera. It makes a big improvement in comparison to the point-and-shoot cameras.  Other than that, try to keep it simple and find your own style.  I love looking through photographs and often get carried away but it’s important to stay true to your own style and work within your budget. I say this because it’s not necessary to go out and buy hundreds of plates, cutlery and linens. Food looks best on white plates when it’s the center of attention. So investing in a white plate will work wonders. Always shoot in natural light {this can be tough in the winter} and if it’s almost dark out but you want to get a shot in try setting the aperture as low as possible and work with a tripod.

Things I like….

A home-cooked meal shared with family and friends, people who understand my witty sense of humor and who laugh at my bad jokes, going grocery shopping at Whole Foods, cashmere sweaters, watching beauty videos on youtube, water, the feeling of accomplishment after a long run or race, online shopping, skin-care and beauty  products in all forms, taking long walks in the snow with my dog Sunny, Christmas, going to the gym, my birthday {which fyi is January 19th and presents are always appreciated}, fashion, {window} shopping in London, Greek yoghurt {especially Chobani}, skiing, almond butter, trips to Bali, taking pictures of food and people, coffee, sunsets by the lake, fun kitchen appliances, workout clothes, having free internet access at airports, spending time with my amazing sister Christina, fresh garden fruit and vegetables, falling asleep at night while reading, Christmas movies {Love Actually, Family Stone, The Holiday}, avocado, cheese,  going on hikes with my dad, lazy summer days, my mom’s cooking,  those especially tight hugs you get from people after not having seen them for months….

Do you focus mainly on healthy cooking or do you cook everything?

Although my blog is called “Health Inspirations” I cook and bake a variety of things and mostly they are not particularly healthy. I do live a healthy lifestyle and workout on most days. I see food as a means of fuel and energy but I know that indulging on some days won’t hurt me either. I eat everything in moderation but will stick to healthy options and snacks whenever possible. My indulgence is definitely dessert. There’s always room for cake!

What did you study?

I did a BSc in Nutrition with Food Consumer Sciences and MSc in Management.

Which is your most popular recipe on the blog?

Without doubt, these Vanilla-Mascarpone Filled Chocolate Cupcakes are the most popular recipe to date and has been featured on many different blogs {which makes me extremely proud}.

Which is your favorite recipe on the blog?

Everything you see on the blog was at one point eaten by me so I like everything. My favorite recipe however would probably have to be some Austrian dish like Apple Strudel or Topfenknödel or a breakfast dish like the lime-poppy seed pancakes or the cookie crumb pancakes. Clearly, that’s a question which is very hard to answer.


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