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Beauty on a budget

September 22, 2015
Beuaty on a budget | Health Inspirations

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years, it is to adapt a skincare routine that I strictly to adhere to. For many it goes without saying, but so many girls and women don’t wash their faces at night and often sleep with their faces full of makeup. I have always paid very special attention to skincare, and in most cases skincare and beauty is something that I am happy to invest a bit of money in. At the same time however, I can be quite stingy with where I choose to spend my money as I don’t think that luxury items are required in every step of your skincare and makeup routine.

Here are a few of my favorite budget buys; things that I personally think are worth buying from either the drugstore or grocery store, yet perform really well. These are just a few of the things I’ve been loving lately.

Beauty on a budget | Health Inspirations

I’m a big believer in oils. I used them on my face, in my hair and to moisturize. I initially got the idea to use oil as an in-shower moisturizer back in July when I visited the Jo Malone counter to pick up a birthday present for my mom. One of the items I chose was an oil, which the lady at the counter said was incredible to use as an in-shower moisturizer, just before toweling off. As much as I love the idea of using the peony & blush suede shower oil on a daily basis (it is a heavenly smell after all), it was a bit above my budget to be a daily staple. That’s where the Johnson’s Baby Oil came in. I use this exactly the same way as the Jo Malone shower oil was recommended to be used: after showering, I towel off, then I basically squirt the oil all over my body and rub it in, let it sink in, then towel off. It is incredibly moisturizing and the scent reminds me of my childhood.

Beauty on a budget | Health Inspirations

Applying liquid eyeliner has never been my forte, therefore the only thing I can use is regular eyeliner. Knowing that I am not the most skillful at applying, I try not to waste any money on expensive products, because most days I spend more time correcting and removing the eyeliner than applying it. One of my go-to products is the Maybelline eyeliner. The one I am currently using was picked up in Austria, and I don’t think it’s available in the UK, but the Expression Kajal Eyeliner is another long-lasting eyeliner that is very affordable and which I used throughout most of my teenage years.

Beauty on a budget

Similarly to eye liner, mascara is something which I would love to buy a luxury version of, but mostly tend to stick to drugstore brands. L’oreal is my go-to brand as their products are easy to use, not too expensive and long-lasting. Mascara, unfortunately, is always on the pricey side, and whenever I run out I always find myself contemplating not getting another one. But in the end, mascara makes such a big difference to your overall makeup look and I can’t really live without. But at this point, I’m not going to spend £30 on it.

Beauty on a budget | Health InspirationsEver since I discovered micellar cleansing water, removing makeup has gotten so much easier. I used to remove eye makeup using the dual phase removers, which stung my eyes and left them irritated. The first micellar water I tried was the well-loved Bioderma, which I was obsessed with. Luckily in Germany Bioderma is available in a number of pharmacies, but it’s still ridiculously expensive. So when cheaper versions of the water came out I was beyond happy. So far the Garnier micellar water is my favorite dupe. It’s extremely effective, I use it to remove eye makeup as well as face makeup and so far I have not had problems with irritated skin.

Beauty on a budget | Health Inspirations

The last two items worth mentioning in this post are shampoo and body wash. I use a hair oil, so often skip the conditioner, but in all honesty I am not fussy at all when it comes to shampoo. Often when I’m running low I peruse the supermarket aisles for offers and will usually stick with whatever is cheapest. Last week for instance I found a 1000ml Tresemme shampoo + conditioner for £2.50, which is an absolute bargain and will last ages. Similarly, the main priority I have for body wash is a good smell. I often gravitate towards coconut scents. This Radox body wash was £1.60, which compared to many other products is a really good deal.

But of course I don’t always stick to non-luxury items (unfortunately). I do enjoy treating myself to some indulgent beauty items, some of which I will share in an upcoming post.

Which products do you indulge in? And which beauty products do you not mind buying from the drugstore?

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