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Acai Breakfast Bowl

September 6, 2015
Acai Bowl | Health Inspirations

Breakfast smoothie bowls (or whatever you want to call them) are a beautiful thing; not only are they whipped up in a matter of seconds, but they actually turn out to be one of the prettiest breakfast foods.Last week, I made a trip to London for a family catch up and a afternoon musical, and whilst I was in the Piccadilly area, I popped into Whole Foods to pick up a few items on my shopping list. Whole Foods literally is one of my favorite stores to visit, even with the hefty price tags on the food, but it is definitely a shopping experience that you would not get in any other place. Best of all, wandering through the aisles stocked full of health foods, sets me up for healthy eating and I often end up picking up items that weren’t initially on my shopping list, for instance Acai.

Acai Bowl | Health Inspirations

I’ve posted a very similar recipe for an Acai bowl back in 2012 (when posting aesthetically pleasing foods clearly was not one of my main priorities – just go and see for yourself!), so I thought the recipe, with all its health benefits, really deserved a new post.

Acai Bowl | Health Inspirations The recipe allows for individual adaptation. You can change the frozen part of the smoothie – e.g. frozen bananas instead of frozen berries – or simply add in any fruit you have on hand. More tropical flavors like pineapple or citrus fruits would be amazing with the berries. I simply whizzed up banana, frozen berries, almond milk and acai. It could not have been any easier and is the perfect way to start your day!


serves 1

  • 350-400ml almond milk (or your preferred milk)
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • 1 banana
  • 3 tsp Acai Powder
  • fruit to decorate (banana, blueberries, nectarine, strawberries, kiwi)
  • chia seeds to sprinkle on top
  • buckwheat muesli (gf) to sprinkle on top


In a blender, add the milk, frozen berries, chopped banana and acai powder and blend for approximately 2 minutes, until completely smooth. Transfer to a  bowl and garnish with fresh fruit, chia seeds and granola or muesli.

Note: I always add the liquid into the blender first, as this usually prevents the smoothie from clumping which is likely to happen if not enough liquid is in the blender. So, depending on your blender, you may find that you need a bit more milk to keep everything going.

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