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Race Recap | Bath Half Marathon

March 2, 2015

I’m so excited to finally be able to post another race recap. IMG_8013We’re both wearing Nike tights, cropped and long. My running top is really old, similar here. Shoes are from Asics.

It’s been ages since I last posted one of these {here’s my last one, in case you are interested}. But let me assure you, the reason for the lack of races is certainly not because I haven’t been training, but because there’s not that many races to run during the winter months. But luckily I live in Bath, and we kicked off March with a half marathon.


Let me preface this recap by updating you on how I’ve been training. Basically ever since I started my Masters, my friend Charlotte {who is the best trainings partner anyone could ask for} and I have been training for this half marathon. We started off easy with 2 runs per week, one which was organized by Sweaty Betty, the other which was with a professional running instructor. The Sweaty Betty runs were more relaxed and easy-going, whereas the instructed group runs had us run up hills, do sprints and were quite a bit longer. After coming back to Uni in January, we definitely stepped up our running game and added in two extra runs per week, one being a long run {between 12-15K} at the weekend.


With all this running going on, I had noticed that my legs weren’t feeling right. Even back in December when I was home for Christmas I could tell that my legs were slightly sore after running and that the running part itself was becoming painful. It ended up being bad enough for me to have an x-ray done in January, but the doctor couldn’t really pin-point what was wrong. I then went to a specialist and had orthopedic insoles made specifically for my feet. I know it takes some getting used to, but it didn’t feel like these insoles solved the problem. Basically what happens is that everything from my ankles up to the muscles in my legs hurt and usually after a long run I would not be able to walk properly for a few hours.

The timing of this all definitely wasn’t ideal, but after so many training runs with Charlotte I knew that I would be running, even after my family was practically begging me not to….

The way that the half marathon route is laid out is that you start on Great Pulteney Street and basically run two loops along River Avon before running back into town. Charlotte and I had done the loop before so I knew what I was expecting and it made the whole run seem a little bit less daunting. What I wasn’t expecting was to be in pain for most of the run. I had to rest several times {the first time was after 5km already!} and I had to walk large chunks of it as I couldn’t properly step onto my foot.

In the end though, the pain was so worth it. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go. Running 21km, being cheered on by massive crowds of supporters is still one of my favorite things to do. Even more so, when you have friends come out to support you with the cutest, hand-made signs {thanks again for the support and the ibuprofen, Maddie. You’re a star!}.


I didn’t expect to finish with a PB, but considering the pain I had been in throughout the run, I’m still quite pleased with my finishing time of 2:13:04.

Special thanks to Charlotte who was the most fantastic trainings partner and pace maker. I’ve loved each and every single one of our runs {as I do spending time with her in general} and we’re already making plans of signing up for the Bath Half next year. Until then I think I’ll give my legs a bit of well-deserved rest…

P.S. You can read all of my previous race recaps here and don’t forget to follow me on instagram!

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  • Reply Lucy March 4, 2015 at 10:18 am

    Congratulations, that’s a great time especially considering you experienced some painful moments – you should be so proud! I was working on the day of the marathon (I live in Bath too!) and seeing everyone after the race around town and coming into where I work was really positive and inspiring to see just how many people ran it.
    I hope you’re not feeling too sore still!

    She’s So Lucy

    • Reply Antonia March 4, 2015 at 2:12 pm

      Thanks Lucy 🙂 I feel much better already…I’m giving myself a few days of rest so that should hopefully do the trick! x

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