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Linz Half-Marathon {Race Recap}

April 7, 2014

Yesterday I ran my first race of the year!Linz Marathon with text

The half-marathon in Linz, Austria {my hometown} is something like a standing appointment {you can read about last year’s half-marathon here, and the 2012 quarter marathon here}. It’s usually the first race of the season, so  it’s a great way to see how my fitness has improved over the winter. It  also gives me a a good idea of what I want to focus on over the summer. I had set myself a time goal and even though I didn’t manage to finish in that time, I set a new PR, which is reason enough to have a big smile on my face.

Linz Marathon Nike

Where’s Wally?

Linz Marathon1

Although I know of a few great running apps, I personally use Nike + to track my runs. I use the app for all my runs and what I like most is that I have an idea of my pace and distance which allows me to make adjustments  during runs. Especially in a race situation, when you’re pushed by so many other runners, you tend to go faster than during training runs, so knowing your current pace is crucial if you want to conserve energy for the later stages of the run.

Linz Marathon2

I started the first 5K off fast and wanted to get ahead of the crowd. There were around 18000 runners participating in the half and full-marathon which made it difficult to get a good spot at the start line. However, with an average pace of 5.20min/km for the first 40 minutes of the race I was able to set myself apart a bit. The run was generally quite good and my legs felt strong throughout. However, halfway through the race I started feeling a painful blister. I pushed through as good as possible, but everyone knows that it’s difficult to get your mind of the pain and it certainly affected my pace.

Linz Marathon6

I was very lucky that, once again, my family came out to support me. It’s generally very motivating to have crowds lined up along the streets cheering on you, but it’s even more special when  they’re familiar faces. My mom and brother waited for me at kilometer 8, 17 and my then my dad joined them at the finish line.

As I was sprinting towards the finish line I was overtaken by the marathon-winner Laban Mutai. Although I know that the crowds weren’t cheering for me, it’s special to run through the finish line to roaring crowds, led on by a running pro. As you can see he practically flew towards the finish line with an amazing time of 2:08:03.

Linz Marathon9

Having seen how the pros do it, I thought I’d get my sprint on as well. It didn’t look quite as elegant, but I still managed to finish with a new PR and a few blisters to remind me of the race in 2:05:22. It’s not as fast as I hoped I would be, but at least it has given me a reason to train even harder for my next race.

Linz Marathon11

As always a big thank you to my family for supporting me and taking pictures during the race!

Marathon Collgage

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  • Reply Kathryn April 7, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Congrats on a new PR! That’s such a great achievement for your first race of the year plus I can’t believe how amazing you look considering you’ve just run 13.1 miles! I look like a giant sweaty mess after running about a tenth of that distance!

  • Reply Katie (The Muffin Myth) April 7, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Great work, Antonia! And congrats on the PR! You beat mine (2:06:52). I’m totally jealous of your ability to run right now. I haven’t been able to return to running since I broke my ankle. I was gunning for a September half marathon, but at this point I think I’d be lucky to run a 5k. Or a 1k, for that matter. Oh well, it’ll come back one day!

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