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January 24, 2014

Friday post

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It was an overall good week. I’ve settled into a good routine of trying to wake up a bit earlier than necessary to get blog work done before going to classes. I spend the afternoons procrastinating working on things for uni and finishing any applications that are due, cooking and drinking coffee. Standard student lift, right?  Here’s a list of things that have made me happy this week…

  • A date night with my sister. We sipped on cocktails, talked about wedding dresses and flower arrangements, had Mexican food and churros. This should definitely become a weekly thing!
  • My new iPhone. I caved. My old iPhone was about to give up on me, so the gold iPhone 5 is my new love! Now all I need is a new case, any suggestions?
  • My friends’ new blog. My Australian friends who I know from Indonesia recently started a blog where they talk about everything from traveling to fashion. These two are always up to an adventure and if you’re interested in following them you should go say hi over on Grace + Alice.
  • The sun. Although technically it wasn’t a sunny week, at least the sun decided to show for once. Life is so much better when it’s not rainy and dreary out.
  • Dreaming about the summer. Especially when it’s cold and grey I’ve been longing for warm summer days. I haven’t yet made any travel plans for the summer but as long as it’s sunny and I’m close to some sort of water, I’ll be happy.
  • Good food. Upon Rosie’s recommendation I had a lovely bowl of polenta last night. I love polenta, I love mushrooms and above all, I love cheddar. So overall this was a pretty good meal! Thanks for the inspiration, Rosie!
  • 10 tips for a productive life by A Beautiful Mess.
  • A long weekend. I have today off so I’m spending it doing laundry, cleaning the flat and of course, working. What else?!

Happy Weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget that I have a giveaway running until Tuesday where you have the chance to win a Polar heart rate monitor!

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