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December 2, 2013

For the past few weeks whenever time allowed,  I’ve been slaving away “behind the scenes” working on improving the reading experience on my blog. Like most bloggers, I’m in charge of website maintenance and blog design which, as you might know from personal experience, can sometimes be a bit of a pain {especially when coding is involved, but let’s not even go there}. Oddly enough, one of my favorites things about blogging is actually the "”behind the scenes” work, updating widgets, installing plugins, etc. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a proper hobby, but it’s great for procrastinating when essays should be written or exams should be studied for…

So let me talk you through some of the improvements:

I’ve changed the navigation menu. In the past, the menu tabs weren’t organized and many navigation items were simply unnecessary. Now, everything is neatly tucked away in a folder and easily accessible. You’ll also notice that I have a bloglovin’ tab in the menu which links directly to the Health Inspirations bloglovin’ page {more on that later}.






Next, I’ve updated my about me page. In the past this page was a biography-like essay detailing every single aspect of my life, my eating disorder and my passion for food. However I figured, not everyone wants to know that much about me when they first visit my blog, so I’ve condensed it to the essentials and linked to the original about me page at the bottom for those who are interested.

I’ve also included a FAQs page for people who want to get to know me even better, where I try to answer any questions you might have.

My contact page has also been updated and I’ve included a contact form which is simple and easy to use.

Next up is my food page, which used to be my recipe page. The food page now hosts different categories: eating out, restaurants and of course a recipe index. As opposed to just listing all the recipes on one page, I’ve separated  them into different categories which are displayed with pictures. So much easier on the eyes, don’t you think!?


A similar system has been introduced in the travel section, where pictures now easily navigate you to the page you are looking for. I am still in the process of re-categorizing everything so there maybe some unwanted posts in this section.




The sidebars have also undergone a bit of a makeover. First and foremost, the most noticeable change: both side bars are now located on the right-hand side of the blog. I’ve also removed an unnecessary clutter. Most of the pages that used to be highlighted in the left sidebar can now be found in the favorites menu. I’ve also changed the social media icons to less-flashy B&W buttons as opposed to the colorful ones I had before. I just thinks work better with the overall theme.


As alluded to above, I have made the conscious decision to display Bloglovin’ as the main reader option throughout the blog. If you remember, when Google Reader shut down in the summer I decided to give several readers a try {read more here}. However, I quickly came to realize that Feedly and I were not compatible. I’m sure the overall system is great but I’ve had too many issues and if something is giving me hard time, I take it as a sign to move away from it.

Bloglovin’ on the other hand it easier to use. For anyone who may not be familiar with readers, Bloglovin’ is a service that let’s you follow and read your favorite blogs on one site. You can add and categorize as many blogs as you like and you’ll never miss a post again. When accessing blogs and websites, the bloglovin’ dashboard is displayed at the top of the page which makes it simple to share posts on social networks or simply continue on to older or newer posts in your lists of subscriptions. You read posts within the actual blog so commenting and navigating through the website is incredibly easy. There is of course an accompanying app that let’s you follow your favorite blogs when you’re on the go.



If you are a bloglovin’ user and like my blog, then I would truly appreciate it if you followed Health Inspirations. If you do not have a bloglovin’ account then of course, I’d be grateful if you included my blog in whichever reader you are using so we can stay in touch in the future.

I hope you like the changes I’ve made. Have a look around and tell me what you think!


  • Reply Kathryn December 2, 2013 at 10:40 am

    Gosh, I’m so impressed that you did all of that yourself! I wouldn’t even know where to start… the blog looks great though!

    • Reply Antonia December 2, 2013 at 11:42 am

      Thanks Kathryn 🙂

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