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Third time’s a charm….

October 15, 2013

I just came back from a whirlwind trip to Munich where I ran my third half-marathon.


Mo thinks it’s funny when I say this but my heart belongs to Munich. I had one of the best years there during my internship so it seemed logical to go back for the half-marathon.

Luckily for me, Mo just started studying in Munich which means I got to sleep on the sofa in his very cool apartment. He spoiled me with superb service all weekend {home-made pizza was involved} and was yet again the photographer at one of my races {thanks Mo! hdl}

I arrived in Munich Saturday morning after a very short night’s sleep. My flight left from London at 7am so I had a 4am wake-up call. Oddly enough though I was so excited to be back in Munich that I wasn’t tired for most of the day. We spent the afternoon doing a bit of shopping, picking up my race bib from the Olympic park and filled up on toppings at a frozen yoghurt store.


Instead of getting some rest and going to bed early I met up with some friends instead. I’m sure Munich would only be half as cool if I didn’t have an amazing group of  friends there. We went to bed rather late {or early} and I slept like a rock that night and woke up to sunshine and a blue sky.


I was a bit worried about the weather in Munich as it had been snowing on Thursday and temperatures dropped a lot. No matter what the weather, I would have run the race but it’s so much better when the sun’s shining in your face. We had the whole morning to prepare. Mo tried to fix is internet. I tried on a million different running outfits. The start was only at 2pm which made it really difficult to decide on a proper outfit. The temperature was only 13°C but it was sunny and beautiful autumn day. In the end I went with layers.

At 12.30pm I packed my running essentials and we made our way to the start.


As you can see I wore capris, a thin long-sleeve top over a flowy tank top. However, I regretted going for layers about 3km into the run when I was boiling hot already. It certainly didn’t feel like 13°C to me. I therefore took off the long-sleeved shirt and ran in my tank top. There were however some who chose run in thick jackets, hats and gloves which I didn’t understand since I was super hot!


At 2.10pm it was time to run. Mo stood right by the start line and took a short video. Can you tell I was happy to be back in Munich?

The race itself was really good. My legs felt strong the whole time and since I was running with the Nike+ app I knew exactly what my pace was. For some reason it felt like the kilometers were really short. This was probably due to the fact that I knew exactly where I was running and how much longer I had to run and not so much because I was running really fast.

When people ask me what my ideal finishing time for the race is I always say that I just want to finish the race. But the truth is, when I realized that I could run a half-marathon under 2:15 after running my first HM in April I strived to improve every time. I finished my second HM in 2:08:15 so this time I really wanted to set a new personal record. Ideally one day, I’d love to be able to run 21K in under 2 hours but I just know it requires a lot more training.

For the first two HMs which I ran, I strictly followed a trainings plan. This time however I just ran whenever it felt right and the distances were a lot shorter. After my triathlon in September I didn’t really do any runs that were longer than 13K which might have affected my performance a bit.

Anyways, I finished in 2:06:30 which is a new PR for me but I had hoped to be a bit faster and closer to the 2 hour mark. image



It was nonetheless the best I felt during a run and the course was just amazing. I think I might have had a big smile on my face the whole time.

Mo made this cool video at the finish line {the quality is quite bad but I’m the one running on the outside of the track “sprinting” towards the finish line.}



Somehow the minute I got home after the race I got really tired so I took a quick shower and power-napped while Mo made home-made pizza. Later in the evening we went out for burgers before falling into bed with slightly sore muscles.

And so another great weekend came to a close.


P.S. If someone knows that secret to running a half-marathon in under 2 hours, I really won’t be mad if you share.

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