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Juicy Mountain–The Retreat & Activities

July 9, 2013

Even though I’m back home after a week at Juicy Mountain I wanted to quickly touch on the activities we did throughout the retreat and show you around the hotel.

The Activities

I started the juicing week expecting that it would be a calm 7 days with a bit of yoga here and there and a hike in the mountains every other day. I was wrong. We had a pretty busy schedule and were kept occupied from 6.15am until 8pm. In hindsight I think it’s good that you are constantly running around because it keeps your mind of the food which you aren’t eating and it makes time go by a lot quicker than when just sitting in the sun lounger all afternoon.


Every day after the activities were over the group came together in the main room of the villa and we were presented with the schedule for the next day. That way we had a solid 12 hours to mentally prepare for what was to come. As you can see the program was pretty full-on. We had 3 hours every afternoon to ourselves {Christina and I spent those getting our tan on by the pool} but apart from that we had an average of 7 hours of activities every day.


I’d want to say that I enjoyed the yoga classes but they are just so much more difficult for me than the fitness classes. Most days we had 2 or 3 classes; I usually went to one class only, mainly because it included an half hour deep relaxation at the end. I’d like to be a yogi and be able to bend and stretch in all directions but it’ll take me a while to fall back in love with the activity.

The fitness classes on the other hand were exactly my taste. They were always different {we did body pump, insanity, circuit workouts, volleyball, rebounding, hiking, etc.} and were very challenging. Apart from the fact that we were pushing ourselves to the limit we were exercising on very little energy intake and extreme heat.

The walks/hikes took place early in the mornings when the heat was still bearable. We always did a different loop which kept things interesting.


One day we walked up to these limestones where we snoozed in the sun for 15 minutes before returning back to the retreat. Other hikes were definitely more strenuous!

I am aware of the fact that this sounds bad, but my favorite day was the Wednesday when we did a boat ride. We did some light exercises in the morning before being picked up by the bus and brought down to the nearest town, Göcek.




I can’t remember the last time I swam in water that was this clear.

The best part about our little adventure was the fact that lunch was a gigantic fruit plate. After 4 days of not using our teeth this was a very pleasant change. We ate and ate and ate and when the plate was finally looking empty a new plate of fruit miraculously appeared.


The JuicesJuices

The juices were…..interesting at first but they got better and better. On most days we had a more fruity juice for breakfast, beetroot, carrot and ginger juices for lunch and afternoon snack and a thicker green juice mixed with avocado or banana for dinner. My favorite juice by far however was pineapple, apple and lemon blended with a bit of banana and spirulina. I could sip on that for days and wouldn’t mind not eating.

The Retreat

The retreat is situated in the midst of mountains in close proximity to Göcek which I assume is the closest village. There’s nothing but hiking trails close by. You’ll see a house here or there somewhere in the distance but it feels like you have the mountains all to yourself.

Juicy Mountain-2

Christina and I shared a charming little room in the main house but some hard-core juicers opted for a cozy tent which resembled a sauna during the day. Luckily, at night it cools down a bit with a pleasant wind blowing cooling your golden tanned skin. However as soon as the sun rises the tents become a scorcher to stay in {so I was told}.

Juicy Mountain-4

Throughout the retreat there’s plenty of spots where you can rest and relax in between {or instead of} the fitness and yoga classes. You can spend hours on a sun lounger or a bean bag tucked away from the rest of the crowd reading, meditating and minding your own business whilst the others go about with their day.

Most of the time the group actually hung out either by the main pool or in the main house. During our last afternoon we were so full of energy that we even spent our well-deserved afternoon break playing water polo together. It’s not like we had been exercising for 5 hours in the morning.

Juicy Mountain-3

Overall I can recommend the retreat to anyone interested in clearing their mind, cleansing their body and meeting like-minded people. For all the juicy details visit Jason Vale’s website. They throw in a couple of extra beautiful sunsets for free….

Juicy Mountain-6

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  • Reply Kathryn July 9, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Thank you for this round up – such an interesting way to spend a week and such a great way to meet new people!

  • Reply Christine@ appleofmyeye July 9, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    What an interesting experience! Haha I would probably pass out with exhaustion by the end of each day! What a full itinerary you guys had!

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