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A Week in the Life of Me in London…

May 7, 2013

If you follow me on instagram then you know that I spent the last week in beautiful London. I had a couple of meetings scheduled and decided to extend the trip to be able to spend some time with my sister, Christina. I did plan to write up a post earlier this week but I was just having too good of a time. I actually brought along my dSLR but never even took it out of its case. Yet, thanks to instagram I was able to capture every important minute of it. I thought I’d share some shots with you all. Not so surprisingly they’re mostly food pics but I hope you’ll enoy this post anyhow.

I arrived in London Tuesday evening and was shocked to see that the weather forecast for the rest of the week looked unusually good. Spring in London is a beautiful thing but when the weather is warm the whole experience is even more enjoyable.



Our first stop on Wednesday was Le Pain Quotidien. My sister knows exactly where to take me for breakfast to make me happy. I had porridge with banana, a fruit cup and a latte.


After breakfast it was time to head to University. I had a meeting with my personal tutor which was the main reason for coming to London in the first place. I didn’t actually think that I missed Uni at all but seeing the campus in full Spring glory and observing the students revising on the lawn {a part I don’t necessarily miss this year} has certainly sparked some excitement in me for the fall.


For dinner we went out to an inconspicuous looking restaurant close to my sister’s flat. The food was artistically arranged and quite tasty. I was very pleasantly surprised, to say the least.


On Thursday morning I had a lie-in and after a quick shower I took the tube to Covent Garden where I had a blog-related business meeting. I just love calling my blog a business, even though really it’s not. Anyhow, I have something exciting planned for you guys, so stay tuned!!

After my meeting I met Christina at Knightsbridge for lunch. We went to Soulmatefood Kitchen which is conveniently located at Harrods {on the 5th floor if anyone’s interested}.


They serve amazing salads in large mason jars and make delicious juices. They also offer juice cleanses, just in case anyone wants to do some spring cleansing.


After browsing through Harrods we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus and did some shopping there. Of course a visit to A&F was scheduled as well…Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who has their picture taken with the models.


Mid-afternoon iced coffee at Starbucks. They sort of misunderstood my name.


The next morning began with a leisurely breakfast at home.  I made almond-cinnamon swirls for Christina which were washed down with some…..


…..Chobani! Yes, I’ve finally got my hands on some of this goodness and it’s just as delicious as everyone says. I wish I could have taken some back to Munich with me.


We spent the morning at home – Christina was working on her thesis, I was checking work mails -  before heading into London for afternoon tea. We had reserved a table at the Athenaeum Hotel near Park Lane. They were awarded “Best Afternoon Tea 2012” so we both had very high hopes. Although the tea assortment was kept to a minimum the selections of finger sandwiches and pastries was excellent. I had the Bingo Blueberry tea, a “deep and intoxicating fruit tea with lively character”. And then we also had some champagne, you know, just because….




We spent the rest of the afternoon having our nails beautified at Bliss.

On Saturday I slept in once again {tough life, I know!}. After a quick shower and some Chobani we headed into town to meet up with our brother Alex. One of our preferred lunch spots is the Whole Foods food court at High Street Kensington. I’m assuming most Whole Foods’ will offer the same selection of food but since I don’t get the chance to have a meal there everyday it always feels very special.

As it was the day before Cinco de Mayo we all opted for tostadas that were filled with pork carnitas, brown rice, guacamole, salsa and black beans. Delicious!! I could seriously have this every single day!


After quickly stocking up on essentials at WF Alex decided he needed to show us one of his favorite stores. Christina and I weren’t impressed. Christina headed back home in the afternoon to continue writing her thesis whereas I spent the day with Alex. He had plans to buy shoes but we had a bit of a lengthy layover at a Pub in Notting Hill instead.


Pub times are always fun Smile


After enjoying the warm afternoon sun at the pub we decided to walk down to the Knightsbridge through Hyde Park {my favorite route!} to finally buy those shoes.


We had coffee on the way.


Before heading back home I went to see Alex’s new flat which is conveniently located right around from a Hummingbird Bakery. Naturally I had to pick up a little something for dessert.


I had half a carrot and half a red velvet. The frosting is amazing!!


On Sunday I was invited along to a family celebration with Fraser’s family. We headed down to Southampton in the early afternoon and stopped at a reptile store to pick up some stuff for their gecko, Bert.


On the way I found a new friend. I might adopt this guy when I head back to Uni in the fall. He shares my love for leafy greens.


After coffee and cake we headed out to an early dinner with Fraser’s family. I didn’t think it was appropriate to take pictures of the food but for the record, I had a burger with a side of fries.

I decided to spend my last day in London running some errands. I had another breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien {I had exactly the same food as shown above} before walking up Oxford Street, Regent Street and heading over to Knightsbridge. I did a ton of walking that day.


Lunch at Pret was a must! I had the superfood salad but was a bit disappointed that the no longer give you a tortilla for the hummus. Or was it simply forgotten in my box?


We spent the last night eating take-out from Wagamama, watched the Silver Linings Playbook and had a bit too much Pimm’s….

photo-2 (2)

I woke up very early this morning and took the tube to the airport. As soon as I had made it through security I made a bee-line for Pret and bought myself {a color-coordinated} breakfast and had some much needed coffee.


Leaving London would have been a lot easier if the weather hadn’t been so great.


A week goes by so fast when you’re having fun…..

Thanks to my 10 instagram followers for coming along on this journey with me Smile

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  • Reply Kathryn May 7, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    You definitely picked the right week to be in London – it’s difficult to beat the city in the sunshine isn’t it?

    • Reply Antonia May 7, 2013 at 7:28 pm

      I know, I was very lucky. Now I really can’t decide whether I prefer Munich or London. I guess it really comes down to the weather!!

  • Reply Bec May 7, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    Oh wow, London looks so gorgeous. It’s definitely a dream of mine to live there and these pictures are gorgeous. Whole Foods looks amazing. As does the high tea. Which uni did you go to? I am trying to decide what to do next year and I was thinking about doing my masters at the University of London. I love London!

    • Reply Antonia May 9, 2013 at 6:59 am

      I go to the University of Reading which is a 25min train ride from London. I’m sure you’d love it in London. They have a ton of great Unis and there’s always something fun to do!

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  • Reply Tostadas May 20, 2013 at 9:17 am

    […] I was in London earlier this month my siblings and I met up for lunch at  the Whole Foods’ food court. […]

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