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January 5, 2013

The reason I like Christmas so much is not because it’s Christmas but because I get to spend 2 weeks with my family. It’s the only time in the year when my dad has 2 whole weeks off of work and when all my siblings spend time together. We spend our evenings playing board games, going for long walks, watching TV or fighting over stupid things just like we used to when we were young and all lived at home.


On Thursday after breakfast we all got dressed packed Sunny into the trunk and decided to go for a hike. The weather was perfect for a quick 2-hour morning walk up the mountain!

Unfortunately we did not get any snow these past 2 weeks since it only got colder about 3 days ago. Down by our house it was still too warm for snow but  during our hike we finally saw where the snow was hiding all these days!


The hike wasn’t particularly strenuous but we ended up at close to 900m above sea-level and covered about 7.5km.



House Alm


Once we made it up the mountain we warmed up close to the fire at the hut and ordered tea and a small snack.


This is a traditional Austrian Brettljause which usually consists of different meats, cheeses and bread. The thing that looks like shredded cheese is actually horseradish. Fraser stuffed a good amount in his mouth thinking is was a mild cheese and was unpleasantly surprised by how strong it was. We all had a good laugh!


Whenever there’s food on the table Sunny can’t be that far away. We usually don’t give her food from the table but she was so cute begging for food so we just couldn’t help ourselves and gave in to her puppy eyes.


Sunny has had 12 years of practice of catching food from different heights so she hardly ever disappoints.

Sunny Alm

That a girl!!!

Stuffed Animals

The hut was decorated very traditionally with family pictures and animals that were stuffed by the hunters. It’s not something I would pin or want hanging in my own house but these things make a great impression when you first walk through the door.

The sign showing the way to the “Alpine toilet” was probably my favorite thing about the hut.


Once we were up on the mountain it was suddenly freezing and cloudy so the view wasn’t that clear.  Standing next to the hut this is the view to the mountains {you can actually see the mountain my dad and I hiked up back in August


…and this is the view down to the lake where we live.


This morning everyone’s packing their bags and getting ready to return to real life. Alex, Christina and Fraser are catching a plane back to London this afternoon and I’ll be going back to Munich tomorrow morning. I think the only one happy about the vacation coming to a close is Sunny because she’ll finally have the house back all to herself again.

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  • Reply Doris @ vanillacocoberry January 5, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    so a guade brettljausn 😀

    hoff du bist auch ganz gut rübergerutscht und vielleicht kreuzen sich unsre wege ja mal im jahr 2013?? wenn du in wien bist, sag bescheid .. dann gehen wir zum naschmarkt essen , okay?? lg

    • Reply Antonia January 5, 2013 at 9:39 pm

      Ja voll gern!!! Weiß zwar nicht genau wann ich das nächste Mal nach Wien komm aber ich muss eh mal wieder meine Freunde dort besuchen. Du bist aber auch jederzeit in München willkommen, ich bin noch bis Juli dort 🙂

  • Reply Shannon (Healthiful Balance) January 5, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    All the pictures are beautiful! I think hiking and being in the mountains this time of year is great. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing!

  • Reply Nina January 7, 2013 at 4:08 am

    Awesome pictures 🙂 Is the mountain right in your backyard?? So jelly!

  • Reply Meghan@cleaneatsfastfeets January 7, 2013 at 4:09 am

    Beautiful photos…well except those stuffed animals. To each their own, but man they make me cringe. We have a neighbor with a deer head on his wall. When it’s dark, that room in the house is always lit up so you can’t help but notice the giant deer coming out of the wall. Yuck.

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