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The Perfect Christmas Gift Basket

December 17, 2012

I’m not sure whether other people love receiving gift baskets as much as I love assembling them but to me they make a perfect, thoughtful gift for anyone from friends to colleagues or even family members. Not only does it bring me joy to find those little “basket stuffers” but I enjoy strolling through the aisles of décor shops finding the perfect wrapping paper for gifts and discovering gift bands with the most beautiful designs. Call me crazy, but I think I could spend just as much on the wrapping paper and gift decoration as the gift itself!

The main thing when putting together a gift basket is to think about who you’re making it for. Everyone’s different and people will have different interests. Try to keep that in mind and you’ll make someone really happy!

The Perfect Christmas Gift Basket

Tea, Coffee, etc.

Let’s start with an obvious one. A drink. Depending on who the gift basket is for, think about the perfect choice of drink. I made this basket for a friend of who I knew loved sipping teas throughout the cooler months so my choice was clear. But if your friend loves nothing more than coffee why not invest in a a bag of excellent coffee beans. Drink choices go far beyond tea and coffee. I would know a handful of people who would be more than thrilled about getting a hot cocoa mix in their basket. Just try to be a little create. In Austria we have Trinkschololade, small bars of chocolate that can be melted in milk creating creamy and flavorful chocolate drinks. And if the recipient of the basket enjoys whisky, wine, scotch, etc. invest in a good bottle of booze.


Cups, glasses, mugs…

Everyone needs glasses and mugs in their home and especially when you’re already giving that certain someone their drink of choice you might as well add something that goes well with the beverage. I tend to go for cute Christmas mugs. My favorite brand for all things Christmas decoration is Villeroy & Boch. My dad has been a fan of their Christmas creations for years so this time of year our house looks like a Villeroy & Boch outlet. Some of my favorite pieces include their tableware and the gingerbread houses. Everything is created with so much love for detail and precision  that it’s joy to have the pieces scattered around the house. This mug is one of my favorites in their current collection and I filled it with a few sugar sticks to go with the tea. If you’re including alcoholic beverages in the basket then buy a few glasses to go with that drink. Riedel makes really nice glassware.


Candles, diffusers and soaps.

If you’re giving the gift basket to a female friend then add some sort of beauty article. If you know exactly which make-up that person prefers add lip-gloss in a beautiful color or a nice collection of eye shadow. I stuck to the more general category of soaps. I found this box of Ortigia soaps which are fragranced with pomegranates, perfect for the winter. Another thing that always looks good in winter gift baskets is a scented candle. I got my favorite candle on my last shopping trip to IKEA. They have a wonderful assortment of scents ranging from vanilla to apple-cinnamon.



Of course a few cookies just have to find their way into the basket. I couldn’t decide which ones to make so I added our family favorites, almond-vanilla crescents, chocolate reindeers and these stained glass window cookies {which are genius, by the way}. If you’re not so much into cookie baking then bake holiday inspired muffins or small cakes.


Something Home-Made.

You could easily skip this step but I think the beauty of a gift basket is small personal touches that show that you’ve put plenty of thought into creating the gift. You could bake a loaf bread, add some jams or preserves, make flavored oils or even bake a few scones. But home-made does not mean edible. If you’re really crafty make a decoration for the Christmas tree or include a bundle of holiday cards. As long as you think about what the recipient will like, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift. I chose to make chicken-liver paté which I filled into a mini-cocotte {similar ones are available here}.


Once you’ve got all the gift assembled place them into a small basket. Fill the basket with straw or the wood shavings that you often find in wine boxes {that’s what I used} and arrange the gifts until everything has the perfect spot. You can fill in any empty holes with Christmas decorations. And then just get ready to bring joy to someone else’s life!

Here’s your Perfect Christmas Gift Basket!


Happy Gift Basket Assembling!

What do you fill into your gift baskets? What would you like to receive in a gift basket?

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  • Reply Nina December 17, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Ooo so fancy looking! Will try that sometime 🙂

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    We would like to use your picture and use on our corporate-gift Blog if you don’t mind –

    Beautiful set 🙂

    Greetings from Poland,

    • Reply Antonia November 25, 2015 at 1:58 pm

      Hi Catherine,
      If you use any of my images, please make sure to link back to the source and please send me a link of the page. Thanks!

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