16 or 19km…it’s all the same!

by Antonia on September 10, 2012

With my first half marathon just a little bit more than a month away {yikes!} I wanted to update you all on my running progress.

I am amazed at how my overall running ability has improved. I was in no way born a natural runner and for years thought it was too hard to do. But this just shows once again, where there’s a will there is a way. When I trained for the quarter marathon I usually ran about 6km and considered that a long run. Before the actual race I had never run 10.5km so I didn’t know what finishing time to expect.When I finished in 1 hour in 3 minutes I was really proud of myself but of course I didn’t have anything to compare that time with.

Now that I’m training for a race that’s double that distance I’m really making an effort of doing actual long runs. Of course I don’t always have time to run for 1.5 hours but lately I’ve planned my runs and have actually out-run those plans.

Up until recently I ran in the morning before work. I left at around 5:45am but knowing that I had a train at 7:13am to catch those runs were mostly around 5-6km. But now, since it’s too dark in the mornings I go running after work 2-3 times during the week and at least once on the weekends. That’s also when I will do my long run. {Running in Munich is great, it’s not too hilly and I love running right by the river}


Since I don’t follow a training plan I do not know how far I should be able to run at this point. I guess by not having a plan life is a little less stressful. However, sometimes I wish I’d have something to compare my running distances with.

I think that ideally my “during the week” runs should be a bit longer since they’re mostly between 8-10km. However I’m quite proud of my long runs lately. 2 weeks ago I went for a really good 13.5 km run, which was a huge accomplishment since it was the longest run yet. On Saturday however, I set out to run 12km and ended up running something between 16-19km. I don’t have a GPS running watch so have downloaded the MapMyRun App for my phone instead.  Lately the app’s been having technical issues so I like to double check the distance with MapMyRun.com and of course they don’t show the exact same distance. No matter if I ran 16 or 19 km it was a great run considering that it was the longest yet Smile Yes, my legs {especially hamstrings} were a bit tight after the run but my muscles weren’t sore yesterday, which I consider a very good sign.

The downside of those +1hour runs is that I get  incredibly thirsty. Even without any strenuous exercise I need water about every 15 minutes {I’m a big baby and never leave the house without a water bottle} but carrying a bottle of water along on my run would just be unnecessary extra weight and effort. I’m glad I have this Brunnen 3km into my run where I can stop and quench my thirst.


I did do some walking in between my long runs and rested for about 5 minutes half way through, but I know that for the actual race I will not run 21km without stopping once. Even if I walk for 2-3 minutes minutes every half an hour, as long as I make it through the finish line without any pain I’ll be very happy! And now that I’ve proven to myself that I can run distances close to 20km, I’m actually less nervous about running the half marathon and will try to enjoy these last few weeks of training!

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Bec September 10, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Wow congrats!! I could not even fathom running 20 km! If you only have to stop for 2-3 mins every half hour that’s amazing! :)


Antonia September 11, 2012 at 5:48 am

Thanks Bec! I’m so excited for the race already :)


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