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August 17, 2012

After thinking that the summer was more or less over after a cool first August half I am happy to say that we were wrong and it made another appearance. The next week will be just as beautiful, hot and sunny as today. My day started with a mountain bike tour with my dad. At least once a year we try to do our 32km bike tour and every year I am surprised over again at how exhausting it is.

The tour starts with about 5km of normal road. After that you drive along a gravel road alongside a little river.

After about 30 minutes the real fun begins cause that’s when the trail looks like this:

Unfortunately from the picture you can’t really tell that there’s an incline, but let me tell you it was up-hill for at least 15km. But hey, they don’t call it mountain biking for nothing. And once you’ve made up the mountain the views are pretty spectacular.

This is the Hochlecken. I thought I’d take a pic since we’ll be hiking up that mountain tomorrow morning 🙂

I’m sure you all know the feeling when you’re exercising and you’re just so tired that it feels like you can’t possibly continue. Well, that’s sort of how I felt today. Mountain biking is so different to road biking, a lot more tiring, and I kept telling myself that the way down is going to be fun and worth the effort. But in reality it’s not. First of all the gravel roads scare me since they don’t offer you the stability on the bike that a normal road would, then you have to hold tight to the breaks which cramps up your arms (or at least that’s what happens to me) and of course you don’t want to go down-hill too fast otherwise you’re going to fall off your bike. So maybe going up-hill is the best part after all?

It really was the perfect summer day today!

I totally underestimated the length of the bike tour, hence did not pack a snack and was starving by the time I got home. Luckily my mom had lunch all ready for us. {Best mommy in the world!} There’s nothing better than a fresh salad on hot days. We used a new vinegar, strawberry vinegar, to dress the salad and it was out of this world good. It actually tasted like strawberry jam and the sweetness worked well with the bitterness of the salad. On the side we had rosemary potatoes that were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Perfect lunch!

Since it was so hot during the bike ride all I wanted to do was cool off in the lake. Right after lunch we packed our beach bags and spent the afternoon enjoying the great weather. I’m so glad I took yesterday and today off of work because I know I would have been miserable knowing that everyone’s sitting at the lake while I’m at work.

Summer, please never end!!!

We stayed down by the lake until 6:30pm and since doing nothing all afternoon is sooo exhausting we decided to go out for dinner to our usual, favorite restaurant. Lucky for us, they had a BBQ night and of course we all ordered BBQ plates with a side of salad from the buffet.

Today couldn’t have been any better! Off to bed now. We have an early start in the morning to make sure not to hike right at noon. Night!

What are your weekend plans? Anything you are particularly looking forward to?

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    What a pretty trail! 🙂

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