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Crazy Munich!

August 6, 2012

One thought that has crossed my mind quite frequently in the last 3 weeks is how much I respect working moms. I know that there are a lot of mothers in my office and I have to say that it’s impressive how they juggle work and family. I’ve seen it with my mom that it’s not always easy to take care of 4 children and at the same time concentrate on your job, but it’s only now that I work myself that I appreciate the abundance of free time you have as a student. And I made that realization whilst not having the busiest job in the world…I’m sure it must be even more stressful for single moms or women you actually have a proper job! Kudos to all working moms!!!

I usually start work at around 7:50am and depending on my workload (haha!) or what else I have planned in the afternoon I usually leave between 4:30-5pm which gives me some time in the afternoon to get some ice cream, do my grocery shopping, or go for a run (if the weather permits!), listed in order of importance, of course!

Today however I had an appointment to have my nails done so I only just got home (around 7:30pm). I know this may be fairly early for some of you but it definitely needs some getting used to to hardly have any free time during the week! By the time I got home my body screamed “give my veggies!”

At work I try to have the healthy option or a large salad for lunch but today my work colleagues and I organized a “Pesto and Pasta Lunch” for the people in the surrounding offices since we got some original Italian pesto sent to the office a couple of weeks ago. We were all assigned different kinds of pasta to bring and then tasted our way through the different pestos. It was fun to observe all the food technologists and food scientists evaluating their lunch, talking about salt levels and textures of the pestos…as a foodie I fit right in! After coming home I prepared a spread of non-pasta options: mixed frozen vegetables cooked for about 15 minutes with a spoon of yoghurt added at the end, tomato ciabatta with tomatoes and cucumber and a Mediterranean spread. Very simple but at least I filled up on some nutrients that I clearly missed out on during lunch!

 On to a very different subject!

Remember when I mentioned that I went for a run on Saturday? Well, the reason why it was actually a memorable occasion was because of this!

When I go for a run I always take my iPhone with me, mostly for the music but also that in case of emergeny or if I get lost I can Google Map my way back home. As I was running along the trail on Saturday afternoon I suddenly saw lots of people standing around the bridge and I thought to myself “hey, that music’s not coming from your phone!“. It was some locals jamming some funky tunes as they were floating along the Isar as if it were the most normal thing to do (Note: it may actually be normal here in Munich, I just wouldn’t know and was very amused). Since they were floating in the same direction as I was running I sprinted along the river to get a better look further down. After 1km I caught up.

A pretty cool construction if you ask me. The float was equipped with tables and benches, perfect for a nice lunch out on the river. This would actually be a nice summer project for my younger brother. I’d be endlessly grateful if he could build me something similar for the lake 🙂

I only thought of actually filming the spectacle when it was almost over, but here’s a very short video of the Musical Float on the Isar! And yes, I’ll have to work on my video making…it’s a very wobbly video!

Crazy Munich – Musical Float on the Isar

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