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July 15, 2012


After not making it to Munich yesterday I made no excuses this morning and drove off at 10am. The drive was OK, although traffic (in Germany) was horrendous. I saw burning cars and the weather could have been a tad nicer. At least it’s sunny now.

I made a stop along the way at my grandparents house who live in Salzburg which is 45 minutes away from our house and 1:30h away from Munich, so it’s great for a quick break along the way, filling up my water bottle and bathroom breaks. Something that I’m looking forward to this next year  is seeing my grandparents more often. Since Munich is only about a 2:15 minute drive (on days without burning cars on the motor way) I’m sure I’ll spend lots of weekends at home resulting in lots of bathroom breaks at my grandparents house along the way! Big bonus: my grandma loves to cook and spoils us with delicious meals whenever we’re over 🙂

It took me about an hour to unload the car and then I immediately started cleaning the room, bathroom and kitchen and tried arranging and organizing everything for tomorrow morning. Of course I had to test me new swanky kitchen too 🙂

The first meal I made was scrambled omelet. I wanted to make omelet but wasn’t paying attention and started scrambling the second and third egg. Oh well. Still tasted good. I can already tell that I’ll be having lots of eggs in the future as they’re so quick and easy to prepare. Luckily my mom made my bring 10 eggs. I would have brought just 5…what was I thinking?!

I had bread with cheese on the side!

Time to shower and get ready for my big day tomorrow!!!! I feel like a kid on my first day of school!!!

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