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An Educational Trip to Jamie’s Italian

June 17, 2012

You just gotta love Jamie Oliver! Not only has he really shown the world that Britain is, conversely to many people’s beliefs a food nation, but he has also put a lot of work and effort into improving the quality and nutrition in school meals. I especially like the video below because it shows how passionate Jamie Oliver is about good, healthy food!

Yesterday after our packing-up duties were fulfilled Christina, Fraser and I walked into town to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. I always get really excited about eating out and whenever I go to Jamie’s Italian, which sadly is not often enough, all I can think of the days prior to going is the delicious food I’ll be having. As you would assume, the meal was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-! -!-!

I don’t know about other Jamie’s Italian restaurant but the layout of the one we went to was open which allows the visitors to lay an eye on the cooks while the food is being prepared! The restaurant itself is a mix of funky and rustic Italian.

We started our meal with a trio of nibbles: Italian nachos, courgette fritto (courgette flower filled with ricotta – delicious!!!) and polenta chips.

We also had fresh juices. I had orange juice.

It took us about 20 minutes to decide on what we were having for our main dish since everything sounded mouth-watering but in the end we all made pretty good choices. Christina and I had pasta, Fraser had fish.

Christina’s lamb and ricotta filled ravioli (note how patiently she is waiting to dig into her food while I take forever to take pictures!)

Fraser’s mullet with roasted tomatoes and kale.

And my tagliatelle bolognese. I stuck with this classic dish since it’s not something I would make for myself.

Everything was delicious, but then came dessert which was just mind-blowing! I’m telling you I might go back to the restaurant this week just for dessert! Christina had the chocolate, raspberry and amaretto brownie (a classic!) while Fraser and I had chocolate & vin santo chocolate pots which were served with hazelnut biscotti and zabaglione ice cream.

The texture was very similar to chocolate mousse and the ice cream was unlike any ice cream flavor I’ve ever had. I highly recommend getting this dessert if you’re ever at Jamie’s Italian.

The best part of the night however was our girls trip to the bathroom. As girls always do, Christina and I went to the restroom together after our meal and thought it was hilarious that the toilet had the word “crapper” on it. I have pictures but felt it was inappropriate to post a picture of a toilet on a food blog. When we told smarty-pants Fraser about the cool toilets he was like “…well duh, that’s where the word “crap” originally comes from”. Apparently Thomas Crapper sort of invented the flush toilet and people started saying “I’m going to the crapper”. Classy!

I love how much I learn about the history of toilets on a night out with Fraser and Christina!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. I will be showing you how to make ravioli! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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    Love Jamie too! (: The food looks FANTASTIC, yum yum yum yum!!!

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