Inspirational Women

Inspirational Women!

May 19, 2012

I feel that having role models makes life a little bit easier. People who we look up to for their achievements,  their sparkling personality or their commitment for a certain cause are inspirational to me and makes me strive to work towards my goals even harder.

I am surrounded by so many inspirational people who are my family or friends so I am constantly reminded that working hard can pay off and helps make your dreams come true. My parents are undoubtedly the biggest inspiration to me and I really wouldn’t mind being like them when I grow up. But I also have three wonderful siblings who guide me in the right direction and whose paths and achievements I can look at to figure out who I want to be in future.

But there’s also so many inspirational people that I don’t personally know that have touched my life in one way or the other and it’s often the people who seem like they live a life that is impossible for you to achieve, that is the greatest motivation and inspiration.

My parents always  told me and my siblings that we could do anything in our lives as long as we believe in our strengths, maintain a positive attitude and work hard. I used to think positive thinking alone could solve all my problems and create a bright future. Of course not! It takes hard work and commitment to create the life you dream of having but the attitude has to be right.

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Everyone’s dreams are different, luckily. How boring would it be if we were all dreaming of achieving the same goals in life. Hence, also everyone’s inspiration will be different. Apart from my family I look up to so many empowering women who have will power, a strong sense of determination and are positive.

To me inspirational people are not necessarily the one’s we want to be or look like, but the one’s who’s positive attitude we’d like to possess. There are so many people out there who inspire me everyday to live a healthy and happy life and since this is blog is all about Health Inspirations I want to start a mini-series of posts about women who inspire me on a daily basis and who I look up to for an extra dose of motivation.

The people who inspire me most are those who believe in similar things as me. The things that are most important in my life is being active, eating healthy food and I constantly try to maintain a healthy outlook on life. Hence I look up to women, who inspire me to be the best I can.

The first inspirational woman I want to write about is my favorite athlete, the alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn, who I admire for many things, her skiing for instance, but most importantly for her determination.

In Austria most people start skiing as soon as they can walk. My first pair of skis were pink and made out of plastic. I was taught to ski by my dad and the love for the sport is something that connects not only my family but the whole country. In Austria skiing is something like soccer in the UK or American football in the US. It’s our national sport.

You may wonder why I, as an Austrian do not support an Austrian skier but choose to by inspired by an American athlete. Well, the answer is simple. I personally look up to Lindsey Vonn since in my eyes she is one of the most determined women. She is one of the most successful skiers ever, yet seems so down to earth and seems to really work hard for all of her achievements and success.

When I need a little workout inspiration there’s a couple of videos on YouTube I like to turn to.

I think Lindsey is the classic example of a woman who is physically and mentally strong. Living with the pressure of having to win every race must be unimaginable, but it seems like she has the power of achieving what she dreams of. I know that it must take an incredible amount of work, not only during the winter months. Also the training during the summer is very time-consuming (I happen to know that Lindsey is currently training in Austria). But it’s the will power and sense of determination that I admire and that I wish to have for myself too.

When I look at Lindsey racing down the slopes it seems like she is unstoppable. I often wonder what she thinks about while racing or what her last thought is before storming out onto the racecourse. It takes a very strong personality to not break under the pressure and win almost every race and that’s something I admire. I wish I knew the secret of how to consistently be in the moment and not let give up in situations where you might doubt your abilities. Believing in myself and trusting that who I am is good enough is something I work on everyday, yet there are still days when I doubt my abilities. Luckily, there are women all around the world who remind me that I can do what I believe in!

Be sure to check out some of the videos of her racing.

Do you see the determination!?

Share your thoughts! Who are you most inspired by and why?

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