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walking in an easter wonderland

April 9, 2012

I hope everyone has had a relaxing and fun Easter weekend filled with delicious food, lots of chocolates and some family time! We had a low-key family Easter brunch this year. Unfortunately my sister Christina could not fly home for the holiday this year, but it was nice to have  almost the whole family gathered around the table, hunting easter eggs and having a good time. But not having my sister around did make a huge difference and because I know that she would have liked to have been here with us I kept her entertained throughout the day with some snap shots from our poser-dog, Sunny! Example below.

Unfortunately the weather was a real let-down this year. We woke up to snow showers! Nothing major, but still, it would have been a lot nicer to wake up to a beautiful and warm spring day.

My mom and I prepared a delicious brunch for the family but we let my brothers sleep in until 11:30am so we took the opportunity to go for a walk in the winter easter wonderland with Sunny. The food was phenomenally good and I think the carrot cake I baked definitely stole the show…or so I like to think 😉 I’ll post about all of our easter eats in my next post but here’s a little preview:

I spent most of yesterday and today studying for exams but needed a study break in the afternoon so I went for a run in the sun. And now it’s back to studying. Wuhu 😉 Stay tuned for some mouthwatering easter treats!

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