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I found myself a Pacemaker

March 31, 2012

Happy Saturday everyone!

I’ve been spending most of the day studying since the house was empty and quiet but I’ll gladly take a study break to update you all on this weeks workouts. It was great to get back to my regular workout routine after a weekend away and this week I laid emphasis on running. The weather was absolutely beautiful with warmish temperatures that I just had to go on 3 morning runs.

Overall I covered 26km this week which I’m really happy about. I’m hoping to get in another run tomorrow morning if the weather is OK but today has been really windy and rather cool so I’m hoping for the best. Even though I initially didn’t think that long runs outside would be possible since it’s quite hilly where we live it’s been going surprisingly well. I ran a couple of hillier routes to challenge myself and to test how much up-hill running I could do and even though my pace might not be that fast, I’ve managed to run all the hills/ mountainous routes 🙂

What I’m happiest about though is that my dad finally agreed to run the race with me. He’s been really busy with work the last couple of weeks so he hasn’t been running as much as he would have liked to but he’s been running forever so I’m sure he will be fine during the race, even without the training. Best of all, now I have my personal pacemaker 🙂

I have also been continuing to do my bootcamp workouts but have to admit that for most days I stuck to 3 sets (instead of the suggested 4 sets). Especially after my 10km run on Thursday (and having run on both Tuesday and Wednesday) I was quite tired and only felt like doing this . . .

(This pic is for you, Christina!)

. . . so I used lighter weights + less reps for the exercises.

I’m already really excited about next weeks workouts. I’ve had a look at the plan for the coming 2 weeks and I’m super motivated. During the last month I’ve learned so many new exercises and have been challenging myself both with running and weight training. And these guys have become my new best friends!

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  • Reply Jane April 1, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    That is awesome you have someone to run with you! I am also doing the bootcamp – I’m amazed as well how I have been able to push myself! I’m kinda scared with for this weeks workout though ….

    • Reply Antonia April 1, 2012 at 8:33 pm

      I know what you mean, the workouts look intense. It’s amazing what Tina comes up with!

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