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Unphotogenic Brussels Sprouts…

March 19, 2012

Don’t you just love Mondays? Well, I do! Especially if it’s the last Monday of the term and I have the day off 🙂 I’ve been very productive though. I’ve finished writing a presentation and my essay, started packing my suitcases, went for a run and spent some quality time in the kitchen making soup. Sorry, for posting yet another soup recipe (this should be the last one for a while) but as I already said, I can eat soup all year round.

I went to London last week to celebrate a friends birthday and stayed the night at my sisters flat. While I love going to London I always end up spending too much money on groceries, even if I just go to a normal grocery store. One of the things that I found was Brussels sprouts. I’m sure I’ve seen Brussels sprouts at my usual grocery store at some point, but the ones that I found last week were amazingly fresh looking that I just couldn’t resist. And when I found a recipe for Brussels sprouts Soup this morning I knew this day just couldn’t get any better.

I am aware of the fact that the soup does not look as appetizing as I am making it sound, but believe me, if you like the slight bitterness of Brussels sprouts you will love this soup. It’s another one of the recipes that only requires 15 minutes of patience before you can dig in, and it’s worth the wait. Did I mention, it includes a generous sprinkle of parmesan 🙂


No matter how much I try to edit the picutres it does not change the fact that this soup just isn’t photogenic. It’s best to try it for yourself! Let me know what you think.

Happy Monday 🙂

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