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March 11, 2012

Can you believe today marks one year since the terrible earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands of people in Japan. Thinking about natural disasters and their consequences always makes me very grateful that I get to live my life in safe environment. Just thought I’d remind everyone to be especially thankful today!

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And while I’m being thankful, I wanted to give a shout out to my french teacher and say thanks for sponsoring this post. You may remember that I ran out of quinoa about a month ago, so my french teacher was kind enough to give me a whole bag 🙂 It really came in handy for the following recipe.

This tasty recipe which I’ll share with you today was actually adapted from Béa’s wonderful cookbook La Tartine Gourmande. As I mentioned I was pretty excited to finally get hands on the cookbook and it didn’t take me very long to try out my first recipe, which was Beet and Quinoa tabouli. Unfortunately, I did not have all of the ingredients at home, but I adapted it where possible and it turned out pretty good.

That’s how I ended up with this beautiful Purple Beet Quinoa.


Just so you know, it was not my idea to add mint to the vinaigrette (I wish it was though!), because it added a hint of freshness to the quinoa, while the lemon juice contributed to the dish by adding just the right amount of sourness. Just try it yourself, you’ll see what I mean. I still think that Béa is a genius for coming up with recipes like that!

Enjoy your remaining weekend!!!

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