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7 weeks to a 10K

March 4, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous, lazy day!

After complaining about the weather in yesterday’s post, the sky miraculously cleared up and just as I was about to pack my bag for the gym the sun came out. So, I decided to go for run.

The reason why I have been including a couple of runs into my usual workout routine is because I will be running my first race on April 22nd, which is in precisely 7 weeks 🙂 It’s only a 10K race but since I was not born a runner (I have always preferred cycling) I want to make sure that I will be able to run the full race and at the same time have fun doing so.

Because I want to share my workouts and thoughts on running with you all I decided to include a workout page on my blog, where you will also find all the updates on my 10K race training.

During my run yesterday I ran along the Thames Path which is a 294 km (184 mile) long path from the source of the Thames in Cotswolds almost to the Sea. I didn’t manage to run the full 294 km just yet, but ran a nice 6.5 km to start my training.

So far, I have not set myself a goal on how fast I want to be. At this point I just want to finish the race, have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere. Here’s a little something that I found on pinterest that just about sums up my thoughts …

Source: via Antonia on Pinterest


Anyways, I hope you’ll check back on my progress soon!

Gotta go! It’s laundry day 🙁

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