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February 28, 2012

Ever since landing in London yesterday afternoon I’ve been rushing from one place to another. I thought that I would be really sad to leave Austria yet again, especially after such a great vacation.  But it seems that after almost 2 years of studying abroad I’m used to traveling and living in England and am now able to leave home without even shedding a tear 😉 . I spent the loooong 1.5 hour-flight reading Le Petit Prince which I will have an oral on in a couple of weeks and read The Paris Wife (for this month’s PBF Bookclub) on the train.

This morning as I made my way across the campus I found a pleasant surprise. Looks like Spring is finally here!

After my morning lecture I decided to use my lunch break wisely and run some errands. I walked into town, went to the pharmacy and picked up some groceries and thought that while I’m there I might as well buy some lunch at Pret A Manger. It was a tasty change to my usual packed lunches, although not really that different.

My favorite sandwich: Chicken and Pesto Bloomer. A Pink Lady and some left-over coffee for dessert…classy,right?

I also bought a snack to nibble on for my afternoon classes.

Gotta go! I have a long afternoon at Uni ahead of me.

P.S. Now that I’m back in England I will try to blog more often so don’t forget to check back soon!

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