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February 12, 2012

Hello foodies!

First of all, thanks to everyone who filled out the questionnaire. If you haven’t already done so and would like to help with my Uni project click here. Thank you!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend so far! I certainly have. Even though today was filled with lots of work for Uni it started out great with a early morning spinning class.

But yesterday was even better. I did my first cooking class and loved it! My parents gave me a voucher for Christmas for a Saturday Morning Brunch Class at Leiths (School of Food and Wine) in London and I’ve been looking forward to it every since.

I arrived at 9.30am to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and pastries that they had just taken out of the oven and that’s when I knew that I was going to have a great day. After a quick introduction session, one cup of coffee and a delicious almond pastry we started cooking and baking.

On the menu:

  • Granola, fruit compote and Greek Yoghurt
  • Ricotta pancakes and cinnamon French toast with baked caramel bananas
  • Muffins: spicy polenta and cinnamon&raisin
  • Baked eggs Florentine
  • Chorizo hash browns with bacon
  • Fruit smoothie and Virgin Mary

At first I thought that the 16 course participants were going to split into smaller groups and each group would then prepare one of the items on the menu. But we actually each prepared everything. It wasn’t stressful because the staff at the cooking school had already prepared and weighed all the ingredients for us which made things very simple. The best part, they actually had 3 people there doing the washing up which meant that we never ran out of anything. It was fantastic. The instructors were great as well. The course was meant to be fun and entertaining so it was rather casual, but I still¬† learned a lot.

At 1pm we were then joined by our guests. Because my first guest choice (my sister) had to work yesterday, my brother was more than happy to come in for a free super-delicious and filling brunch. And from what I could tell he really enjoyed everything on the menu. He’s not really into sweet things that much so I gave him a mega portion of everything else with a smaller side of pancakes and French toast. And because that still wasn’t enough he had about 15 shot glasses of smoothie and virgin mary, 3 pots of coffee, tea and wine. Oh, and seconds on the granola and fruit compote. He left brunch saying “I’m stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey”. And I can assure you he was.

This was only half of what Alex ate…

Our smoothie and virgin Mary shots before brunch…

…halfway through brunch…

…and after we were done eating (about 13 glasses, I believe)!

I, on the other had ate everything (sweet and sour) and enjoyed every last bite on my plate. Alex gave me his pancakes in exchange for some of my chorizo hash browns. I was happy to trade because the caramel bananas were AMAZING (even though not so good for the arteries, they include butter, sugar and double cream!).

The granola and fruit compote on top of Greek Yoghurt was delicious. We added 3 tbsp of Cointreau and seeds of 1 vanilla pod to the compote and it made all the difference!

After we were done eating I packed up the leftovers and we decided to walk back to Alex’s apartment because the weather was beautiful and we felt like we were in need of a walk. About halfway through our walk we met up with one of Alex’s friends and joined him for lunch (don’t worry, Alex and I stuck to drinks, it felt wrong to eat again although the menu at the restaurant looked promising). I love London so I was glad to hang out with the guys for a little while, but came back to Uni at around 5pm to start some of my work.

I have a ton of work to get done before Saturday morning. Cause that’s when I fly to Austria to go skiing with my family for a week!!!! Excitement!!!!

Anyhow, should better continue working. Just thought I’d share my fun cooking experience with all of you.

What have you been up to all weekend?


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