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February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

Before we dig into the food, I have a favor to ask. At Uni for one of my courses (New Product Development) we were assigned to choose one of the Top 100 European food companies and have to create a new product for their range. After browsing the internet and discussing our options, the group thought that Lindt would be a cool company to design a product for, because who doesn’t like chocolate?

We are now in the process of deciding which product to introduce or design but we need more consumer info. Therefore we created a 10-question survey that should give us a clear idea of how chocolate is consumed and what we have to keep in mind when making a new chocolate product. And who better to ask for advice than all of my foodie friends?

So, if you’d be so kind to spare 2 minutes of your time and fill out the questionnaire I would be very grateful. It’s only 10 questions and it’s about chocolate! Click here to take the survey! Thank you!!!

I wasn’t actually going to post the recipe for this salad but since I need your help I thought I’d post a super easy salad recipe in exchange! I like having pears in the house since they are great in smoothies and a perfect snack. They also make a salad taste fresh and sweet. And I won’t even start explaining how amazing blue cheese dressing is on top of a salad.

Pear, Arugula & Watercress Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

Blue Cheese Dressing adapted from David Lebovitz

serves 1

You will need:

  • 1 handful arugula
  • 1 handful watercress
  • 1 pear, sliced into 4-6 pieces
  • 25g blue cheese
  • 1 tsp. chopped chives
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • 20g  yoghurt
  • 20g milk
  • fresh lemon juice
  1. Take out the cheese from the fridge an hour before preparing the dressing so it softens.
  2. When you are ready to prepare the salad, mash the cheese together with salt, pepper and chives. Then add the yoghurt, milk and the lemon juice. Set aside.
  3. Wash the salads and arrange on a plate. Add the pear and dress with the dressing.

I’m taking part in a cooking class tomorrow so I’ll let you guys know how it was on Sunday! I’m really excited and the best part, we’ll be preparing brunch. I can’t wait!

In case you were mesmerized by this salad and forgot what you were about to do…you were about to click here and fill out the questionnaire. Thanks!

Have a great weekend!!!

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